WE’RE HIRING! Staff, Team, and Contributor Search

While we’re working diligently on the site’s content reboot, Cleverhelp needs…. well, some help. We’re looking to expand our reach and specialties, and to do that we want to create and establish a young and confident team made up of some of our most dedicated and engaged followers. 

To do that, we need you! That is, if you’re a strong or developing writer with a passion for lit and world-building, history, trivia, or representation. Starting now, we’re looking to take on board the following roles (some in multiple). 

Staff Writers/Editors

What We’re Looking For

Book/Blog Reviewer

What We’re Looking For

General Helper/Site Assistant

What We’re Looking For

Social Media Team

What We’re Looking For

Our Ideal Applicants:

These positions are unpaid (for now), but that doesn’t mean they’re without perks and benefits! 

What We’re Offering:

Ready to join in? Fill out the Application Here.

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